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Whybe a Yogi - I am Divine.

Whybe a Yogi - I am Divine.

We are an impossibility in an impossible universe.
— Ray Bradbury

It's easy for me to get overwhelmed sometimes by how small I feel in this big, gigantic universe. There are times I feel like I don't matter because of all of the other important people and things happening around me, leaving me feeling insignificant and useless. This is obviously a result of comparison -- seeing someone or something else and making myself less than because of their mere existence. It's a dangerous cycle - one that I can find myself going through until I'm red in the face. 

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What I've found is

that it's very easy for me to do this.

It's easy and comfortable because it's a habit that I've cultivated my entire life. It's a result of many years of destructive self-talk about how I don't matter and how I should remain small.

You see, for many years, I was intimidated by the idea of being BIG, and so I just always WAS small, as a default. To me, words such as BIG, expansive, significant, great, abundant, etc. were associated with a lot of responsibility, a heavy weight on my shoulders.
Playing small meant that I didn't have to confront the possibility of rejection.
Playing small meant that I didn't have to take full responsibility of my actions.
Playing small meant that I saved myself from disappointment, but it also meant that I wasn't fully open to all of my possibilities and opportunity.
And so, for a long time, I remained in the small, safe space of my head, afraid to come out and be seen.

Somewhere in the past few years, I found the courage to step out of the comfortable space and allowed myself to be seen for the perfect human that I am, and I've found tools here and there to cultivate that practice.

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I found that it's when I get out in nature

that I remember that every single thing and person (yes, even me) is divine and special.

When I immerse myself in the fresh air, I am better able to recognize that I am surrounded by and I am made up of wonderful, beautiful, impossible beauty. 

It's when I look into someone's eyes and feel their energy, that I know they have an entire life and universe behind those eyes. They are divine, and because of that, I am divine.

I've learned to do specific things (that work for me, and they may not work for everyone else) to get me out of my head where all that negative self-talk lives, and into the reality of the world -- that every specimen is truly expansive, beautiful, and signifcant. 

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So take the time today

to sit for a second or two to get out of your head and really into your body.

Take the time to appreciate the significant impossibility that is you. 

You are divine.

I am divine.

We are all an impossibility living in an impossible universe.

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