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Whybe Informed - Freedom Deodorant Review!

Whybe Informed - Freedom Deodorant Review!

Women don’t sweat — they glow!

Reality check: humans sweat! It’s natural to sweat! Sweating is our body’s way of maintaining its natural temperature by cooling us down. And let me tell you – I sweat buckets. So, I like to think that my skin is super healthy, and preventing it from doing its job seems like I’m messing with the natural order of life.

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Some quick fun facts

about SWEAT:

Stinky sweat Nope! Sweat itself isn’t what you’re smelling when you get a whiff of that B.O. Bacteria living on our skin mixes with our sweat and that is what creates the smell.

Antiperspirants prevent and reduce sweating. They combine chemicals that mix with sweat to form a gel-like blockage of the sweat gland. And do you really want to BLOCK your sweat glands?

Did you know antiperspirants are considered a drug by the FDA?! Deodorants are classified as “cosmetics” by the FDA, but antiperspirants are classified as over-the-counter drugs.

Deodorants don’t use chemicals and don’t mix with sweat, and they certainly aren’t blocking sweat glands. Instead, a deodorant lays on top of the skin and kills the bacteria, then covers any leftover odors with a scent.

For years, I have used a $4 (value pack of 2) men’s deodorant because 1) I am extremely cheap and picked the one on sale that day; 2) I thought that by getting a men’s deodorant I would sweat less; and 3) there were too many options on the market for me to even begin to switch it up.

As I’ve gotten older, I have become more conscious of what I put in and on my body, and this includes the deodorant I use. With so many different types and fragrances on the market, though, I was overwhelmed even thinking about swaying from my cheap and familiar deodorant. Nonetheless, I had tried a few natural deodorants here and there, and none of them seemed to work (i.e. I smelled worse than if I didn’t use anything, and most of the time they still had ingredients I couldn’t pronounce).

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I was pretty much

to the point of writing off natural deodorants because I thought they “simply didn’t work” on me.

It wasn’t until recently that I was totally transformed into a Freedom Deodorant lover. When I discovered this product, all I could say was ‘WOW!’ – I’m not exaggerating when I say it changed my life.

I smell amazing!
The first week I used Freedom Deodorant, I literally couldn’t stop smelling myself! I was so used to smelling like a guy with my old deodorant that I just couldn’t believe that I smelled so good! Freedom Deodorant comes in a variety of wonderful scents: Lavender, Bergamont Mint, Frankincense Peach, Amber, and unscented, but Lavender is my absolute favorite.

I used to apply my other deodorant two or three times a day. As someone who teaches and practices yoga, spin, and various other sweat-inducing activities at least once a day, I believed I had to keep applying deodorant all day long. Freedom lasts all day from morning to night!

Ingredients I can trust
Their deodorants are made with words I have heard of and understand: baking soda, coconut oil, shea butter, and bees wax, just to name a few. I don’t have to worry about chemicals, and I trust that the company shares my commitment to being naturally healthy.

They come in full and travel-size
I keep a .5 oz travel size in my yoga and makeup bags and a 1.9 oz full-size one in my desk at work and at home in my bathroom. They also sell a roll-on variation (in Coco Van and Amber) that I can’t wait to try.

Freedom also sells deodorant sprays to spritz your clothes, or spray your purse/gym bag.

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I want to be

more educated about my health -- which includes everything from what I eat and drink, what I expose myself to (physically and energetically), and how I exercise.

and when I find something that leaves me feeling fresh and clean, I want to share it with the world!

You can buy yours
Don't forget to use code yogiliza for 20% off your order!!


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